Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day 9: What Was I Doing?

So, life exploded. Sometimes, mine does that, and I just hunker down to ride it out. Still no more words to add to the word count... but I have solid plans for this weekend!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Day 2: 0

The second day, I went with my mom to a lifestyle management center (which is fancy for learning how to eat properly) that I was really impressed by, and we joined up. Then, straight to work, from 2:30 to midnight. Then, I went out for a much needed decompression and bitching session with Brandi. At 3 am I got home, and decided "for inspiration" I would read the new short story collection Santa Baby which has a story by Jennifer Cruisie in it. (Okay, I really just couldn't wait to read the story...) So, a grand total or 0 words added to my Nano.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day 1: 670

Day 1: Start writing at 4:30 am, because I can't sleep. 670 words and two hours later, it's definitely sleepytime. I can get up before work on Wednesday and do another thousand.
At 10 am, the phone rings, and Brandi is stranded at the mechanic's, can I come get her? No problem. Then we have to go for a late breakfast, then a few errands since her car is in the shop, so I get back home at one, but I have to shower and I really need a nap...
Maybe I can slip in some writing at work? Oops, super busy night (in at 3 pm, and finally got home at 1 am). Still, it's only one day... And maybe I've fulfilled my crisis quota for at least the first week? Plus, who do I call when I need help? My girl Brandi. She's my rock, and my cheerleader, and my strong right hand.
So, it's 2 am, and I am going to try to go to bed. Hopefully, I can fall asleep, and maybe I can even dream part of the book - wouldn't that be cool?